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  1. John Devaraj schreibt:

    Wonderful,your idea is as big and beautiful as the Amazon.
    It requires the best talent of the world to recreate your idea and it has the power toattract the same.
    I would like to play a role in it if there is a space. It has been my dream too to work o such a concept. I believe very firmly in what Karl marx says..Woman creates in accordance with the laws of Beauty. Swing it lets do it!

  2. John Devaraj schreibt:

    The Earth doesn’t belong to us
    We belong to the earth~the Living Gaya.
    We are only the microcosm of the life of the abundant mother earth.

  3. John Devaraj schreibt:

    H o n e y n o m o n e y

    I was very inspired by Charlie Chaplin as he depicts a comfortable home in his film
    The Tramp. He is dancing and prancing in his hallway. Walks to a window with a cup of black coffee and there presto a cow floats by and he milks it into his cup. From another bay window he reaches out to an apple tree and pulls out one for his morning coffee He runs out of the front door, undressing, even as he jumps into the clear running stream. But it was too idyllic to be true. Chaplin wakes up with a thud, his torso legs and all sticking out of the shallow murky water.

    As I cross the threshold of my home there grows a guava tree laden with abundant fruits, Which I planted three years ago. Every evening I experience the one of the most spectacular sight in all my life. My day is complete and comforted when I see them.
    A pair of honey bee birds nest on the slender branch of the guava plant. They fly in around 6 30 pm waking up around 5 am to catch the early worm. They are huddled very warm and snuggly, their beaks in each other’s breasts. They are no bigger than my eyes.
    They are timid but brave, I have to touch them every evening to assure myself of their august presence! I say to them “Good night, please come back tomorrow”

    One day aunty Eunice Sequera, who is a quizmaster and an expert in general knowledge
    Came home from Mangalore; I just had introduced her to my feathered friends. When she asks me “ Where do they live John” “ Where do they live? Where do they live? Right there where you see them! What do you mean right there…. where do they go to nest? It was then that this question struck me so much. These birds lived just like that! They needed nothing to live! No shelter, no clothes, no apartment, no car, no phones, no luxury, no TV, no insurance, no bank securities and above all no money!
    Yes, honey no money.
    Honeybees need no monies!
    The only creatures in the animal world that relate to each other in money terms are the homosapiens. The moment they attained consciousness and ‘liberated themselves’ from their “animal existence” they invented a system of relationship that which will civilize them.
    From a very beautiful natural tribal sharing of the hunted or gathered food, possession of excess developed human greed. Sharing underdeveloped to barter. You give me three cows and I exchange for that six-and-a-half goats! You can half~carve a goat but no less than that. The clever man thought of standardizing, an object capable of buying and selling everything, the strongest, the shining star of all things inanimate, that which could bring you the whole world. He called it the golden money!
    This money now can buy you all, anything and everything.
    It can buy you cars, apartments with swimming pools, It can buy slaves who can wait upon you, It can buy you champagne, the best cocktails, money can buy more money when you invest into shares and real estate!

    Money endows power to those who posses it!
    Money subjugates and dispossess those do not posses it.
    It pits human beings into confrontation and conflicts. It dehumanizes man and increases his lust for power, material wealth. It erodes and weakens the moral dignity of humankind.
    It wages war among brothers and produces “merchants of death” who style themselves as impeccable gentlemen, These merchants make their billion bucks selling wars, selling guns, hatred enmity all for the love of money.
    “If love was a thing that money could buy the rich would live and the poor would die, all my trials lord will soon be over” Laments the ballad singer
    If you only look deeper into the human psyche his whole life is geared towards relating to another human being in order to usurp money. Families break up and down due to the lack of it or an excess of it!
    Money is horrid, money is morbid
    Money is torrid, money is rabid
    With money you can be born and be worried!
    With out money you can be dead and not be buried!!
    The most ‘ferocious of hunters’ The Tigers don’t relate to each other with money and so they do not kill each other. Man is the only animal that kills other men.
    That is because money is peculiar only to man.
    Humans are beastly and the beasts are humane!
    It is this peculiarity of money and its inherent quality to dehumanize humanity. It develops greed, selfishness, envy, jealousy, and hatred. This in order that it can multiply itself, which will happen only at the cost of suppressing the shared growth and development of others. It destroys the collective, the social, the community and creates the individualist! The individuated miserly superhero tends for himself and his pot of gold. The culture of money is to make more money at any cost. This culture of money opposes community kindred spirit and neglects the weak.

    Our animal preconscious origins are gregarious by instinct and social by character.

    Crows are the best examples of this trait. If one crow is hurt and unable to fly or fend for itself, hundreds of crows will descend from the heavens to shower care and concern for it, this is the shower of humaneness on the weak and hapless which is the Culture of nature. To be sure crows do not carry purses to the supermarket.
    They are happier for this blessed life.
    The culture of money has brought bestiality to humanity this is not civilization.
    It is the anti~humane, regressive. under~ development. It is the culture of violence
    Beasts are naturally humane, loving and kind to their community.
    We must not forget our roots in our animal state.
    Culture of nature is our thesis and Culture of money its antithesis
    Honey no money

    johndevaraj@gmail.com. Mo.0091 0 9886306366

  4. Ronald Engert schreibt:

    Hallo Alexandra,
    das ist ja wirklich ein super Projekt. Schön, dass Ihr die brasilianische Lebensfreude und Lebensbejahung so schätzt und in eine Beziehung zum Leben und zu Mutter Erde einbringt.
    Schön, dass Ihr die Erde als Person versteht.
    Viel Erfolg wünsche ich Euch

  5. Barbara Giese schreibt:

    Ich habe von einer ehemaligen Studentin von eurem Projekt gehört und habe mich sehr gefreut über so gute Nachrichten.Ich bin 55 Jaher alt und lebe seit fast 30 Jahren in Brasilien. Ich wohne in Florianópolis und arbeite mit Lehrerausbildung sowohl an der öffentlichen Landesuniversität wie auch an einer Privatschule. Ich bin fest davon überzeugt, dass wir die Schulen neu „erfinden“ müssen, denn sowohl die öffentlichen Schulen wie auch die privaten Schulen sind meist auf einem “ Holzweg“. Euer Projekt schliesst Erziehung und Gesundheit ein und das halte ich für sehr wichtig, denn das eine kann ohne das andere nicht leben. Es würde mich sehr freuen , wenn ich eine Antwort bekomme, um in Kontakt zu bleiben und euch besser kennenzulernen.
    (Entschulgt bitte meine „Deutschfehler“, aber ich habe halt fast keine Gelegenheit Deutsch zu schreiben oder zu sprechen)
    Um carinhoso abraço

  6. schwerdtrRalph schreibt:

    Hey Dada!
    Seems to be a great project. I wish much of energy much of inspiration and good luck with the project. Very often was not the normal ideas – it was the crazy unusual ideas that brings us to new points. And it will give us experiences – even the non positive experiences are useful. Anyhow the people are important and I am glad to have met you – a man who brings so much positive energy in the world! Thanks for that, hope to meet you again, maybe in _living gaia_

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